Google Chrome adds RSS feed notification/preview/subscription via extension

This may have been around for a while, but I just learned of it today.

If you run the dev version of Google Chrome, you may already be aware that it supports extensions.

In fact when I first found out Google had published a few extensions for eager beta testers to try out, I went and got the rss feed extension.

Unfortunately, even though it showed the icon when a feed was present, clicking it only took you to Google Reader to subscribe to the feed (or so I heard, clicking it in my version of Chrome did nothing)

Google Chrome RSS feed Extension feed availability notification

Google Chrome RSS feed Extension feed availability notification

I am happy to report that with the new version of this extension (1.6.2), clicking on a feed allows you to actually preview the rss feed …
<sound of angels singing HALLEJUYAH />

I can finally test rss feeds I’m coding in Chrome without having to fire up IE8 or Opera (Firefox doesn’t preview either, just tries to subscribe you to live bookmarks … I hate that) and unstar this bug ticket!

Image of Google Chrome RSS feed extension previewing a feed

Image of Google Chrome RSS feed extension previewing a feed

Why Google is the best in the business … and you could be too

I was trying to find out how the NY Giants did last night, so I could incorporate it into a nice little jibe I was going to hurl at a friend of mine, so I went in and typed “NY Giants” … into the search box, to start the ever familiar process of clicking on links and backing up until I found what I wanted.

Guess what came up?

Its like they read my mind! 😀

Funny, but it illustrates *exactly* why Google is kicking everybody’s ass at search. 

They write software that anticipates the needs of its users. 

You should be asking yourself if your software, business, employees or personal service does the same.

How to search with Google Chrome using the omni bar

I’m writing this post because there doesn’t seem to be much instruction about how to search effectively from the url bar or omni-bar as the google folks call it.

The way its supposed to work is that if you type in a keyword for the search engine then the search query and hit enter, the search will execute using the search engine you specified.

so if you type 

“ Art of Rails” 
(note the space between and the query)

into the omni bar then hit enter, your search will execute on

To know that you’re doing it right, after typing in the keyword ( and space, the url should look something like this

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Google releases new Browser … its sexy

Yesterday I awoke to news about Google Chrome … EVERYWHERE.

And being the non-conformist I like to think I am (like everybody else in the universe), I wasn’t even going to give it a look until I stumbled onto this brilliant marketing tool that they had put together. Its a 40 page comic book walking you through the thought process behind why Google Chrome came about, and how it is different from everything on the market already.

What makes this puppy different?
The main philosophical difference between this browser and others is that fact that, instead of running the browser in one memory space, each tab in the browser has its own process.

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How to run a Webkit Nightly build on windows.

This is very straight forward, but for those who think it might be complicated. Here is all it entails.

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Safari/Webkit Nightly scores a 90 on Acid 3 test …

I am  a huge fan of Safari and Webkit … what it lacks in cool features, it more than makes up for in blazing fast speed and javascript performance.

When the Microsoft released a beta for IE8, I was prompted to run the Acid3 test on the browsers I had on my system.

Here are the results I got on my windows box, testing all the installed browsers against Acid 3 Continue reading