Why Google is the best in the business … and you could be too

I was trying to find out how the NY Giants did last night, so I could incorporate it into a nice little jibe I was going to hurl at a friend of mine, so I went in and typed “NY Giants” … into the search box, to start the ever familiar process of clicking on links and backing up until I found what I wanted.

Guess what came up?

Its like they read my mind! 😀

Funny, but it illustrates *exactly* why Google is kicking everybody’s ass at search. 

They write software that anticipates the needs of its users. 

You should be asking yourself if your software, business, employees or personal service does the same.

The right way to update software for your customers by Firefox

I consider myself a power user of windows xp, so why haven’t I upgraded from winamp 5.35 to winamp 5.52?

After all, every single time I start winamp it bugs me to.

winamp update available!

The answer is simple … Its because I’m lazy.

I’m not going to go to winamp.com, try to figure out which version to download and then actually install it over again, just so winamp runs exactly the same as it did before! No way.

But, if the program went out there got the update and installed it for me … I wouldn’t object.

Firefox does this right.

An update for firefox is available

When an update is available, it goes out and finds it for me. If I okay it, it installs the update for me and restarts my browser, putting me back viewing the page I was looking at before … like nothing happened. All I have to do is hit “Download & Install Now”. How easy is that?

downloading and updating Firefox

Nag screens/prompts/dialogs are very annoying. My natural instinct is to close them and get on with my life.

In that scenario, everybody loses.

So if you write software, you should strive to have it update automatically, if you possibly can. That would definitely be a selling point for me as your customer. (Hear that Blumenthals software?)

PS: Most software (including wordpress) does require you to go download and install the newest versions. Since automatically updating software is so rare it could be a killer feature if you incorporated it into your software.

Nifty web application features and great customer service: unfuddle.com

I spent a good two or three days searching for a good piece of project management software, a few months back. I finally settled with unfuddle. One week after signing up, I was reminded of why I had picked them.

I had been working with on a project and suddenly remembered that I wanted to gripe to them about their user limits, so I went searching for a contact us link … my eyes immediately fell on the link that said “send feedback” … [click on image to see bigger copy]

unfuddle send feedback link

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How shady companies steal domain names you search for

domain thiefI worked as a developer with a Search Engine Optimization firm for some time, where I learned that some shady companies are able to buy domain names that you search for online.

It wasn’t exactly clear to me how this was happening until I chanced across this excellent article on my new favorite blog

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