ux gripes: Customer Service phone menus that only allow you navigate with your voice

A lot of times, I’ll get on the phone to check my balance or do something routine while I’m in my office (which I share with 2 other people), but the customer service menu navigation is ONLY voice activated. Since I don’t want to disturb my co-workers, I either have to stop what I’m doing and leave the room to find a quiet place to yell instructions at my phone or just remember to do it later (which I never do). Apart from the potentially poor user experience (slower/inconvenient way to get through a menu you’re already familiar with), it simply is a massive pain in the ass sometimes.

What’s so frustrating is that this can easily be fixed by giving the user the option of hitting a button to revert to the number pad for navigation.┬áBut then again, if a company has a voice navigated customer service menu, they probably don’t really give two ____s about what’s convenient for you.