New version (2.0.4) of Phusion passenger/mod rails out

New release announced

Global queuing

We recently announced that we’ve developed a feature called global queuing. This feature was requested by 37signals. When global queuing is on, Phusion Passenger will load balance all incoming requests into the first available backend process. This is especially useful if you have long-running requests, e.g. requests that perform heavy calculations and can take several seconds to finish. 

Fixed compatibility with the latest Rake version and RubyGems version

When compiling Phusion Passenger using the latest Rake, compilation commands are not shown while various warnings are being shown. This has been fixed. Various RubyGems deprecation warnings have also been fixed.

Running background programs from within the Rails app won’t freeze the request

In previous versions of Phusion Passenger, if one executes

system(“sleep 10 &”)

from within the Rails app, then Phusion Passenger won’t finish the request until 10 seconds have gone by. In other words, Phusion Passenger would wait until the background program has finished. This issue is caused by file descriptor leaks, and has been fixed.

Fixed Mac OS X crash

A Mac OS X related crash has been fixed.

Various bug fixes

The title says it all. If you experienced any kind of problems with previous releases, please try this release as the bug may have been fixed.