Machine Learning + Robotics is the future

Watching this 60 minutes episode (scroll to end of post) got my mind running in a hundred different directions. Its clear to me now that the future of software is Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. In the future, people aren’t going to just want the software we’re churning out right now. They’re going to want software that learns their preferences and adjusts to their needs.

Manually set my alarm before I go to bed? pffft, the ios alarm app in 2020 will monitor the time you went to bed and use your past behavior to know that you need to be up in 4 hours.

The other thing that I realized is that the American economy is slowly moving to a phase where high skilled jobs will make up most of the job market. These jobs will be highly paid, but will also have to be highly taxed to support the rest of the country that simply will not have work.

We live in interesting times

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