Nifty web application features and great customer service:

I spent a good two or three days searching for a good piece of project management software, a few months back. I finally settled with unfuddle. One week after signing up, I was reminded of why I had picked them.

I had been working with on a project and suddenly remembered that I wanted to gripe to them about their user limits, so I went searching for a contact us link … my eyes immediately fell on the link that said “send feedback” … [click on image to see bigger copy]

unfuddle send feedback link

as soon as I clicked on it, a contact form flew out that allowed me get on with my rant

undfuddle send feedback form

why is this nifty?

  • It was quick and easy: I just typed in what I wanted and went back to what I was doing … not a single page load
  • It was easy: notice how they didn’t ask for my name or email? … they have that information already
  • It gives you an out: If you click “cancel” the form goes away immediately and you can get back to what you were doing

any complaints?

  • Just one the placement of the”send feedback” link might cause it to be overlooked. An understated graphic might help draw more attention to it

what happened afterward?

  • I sent the email before I went to bed at 11pm, and before I had woken up, I had a response. Not a brush off by the way … a good detailed email that addressed all the issues raised. While I didn’t agree with their positions on certain things, I felt like they had listened to me, and now I’m writing this blog. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS MARKETING!

So if you want a great web application for project management … give unfuddle a look.