Frequently Asked Questions about Austin Web Development

So ... do you do web design?

No. We are mainly focused on Ruby on Rails and CakePHP web applications. (We'd love to build something in ASP.NET MVC, and have lower rates for that, as a result).
We know a couple of very good designers who we regularly work with and will pull in on your project. We are also happy to refer you, if that is specifically what you're looking for (i.e: you don't need programming help).

How much does a website cost?

Short answer. It depends.
You can pick up a suit from K&G for about $200 but an Armani suit could set you back about $10,000 and a custom made suit by a fine Italian tailor could be much higher.

Websites & Web Apps work the same way, with respect to pricing. It completely depends on what you're trying to build and how much you're willing to spend.

Typically though, the projects we take, start out at $2500. We bill hourly for smaller/on-going projects.

What is a Content Managment System?

Content Management systems or CMS's allow you, edit content on your website without having a lick of technical expertise. We build all our applications with content management systems, so our rates might be higher than the quotes you get :)

What is a "Web App"?

In very simple terms, a Web application is a website that helps the user do one particular task. A better description is that it is a piece of software that runs on the web.

Where a typical website usually gives you information, and not much else, a Web application will help you accomplish something. Good examples are Blinksale (invoicing web app), Google (massive search web application), Facebook (Social Networking Web Application) and Basecamp (a project management web app).

Portions of a web application might also act as more standard website.

Should I use the term "web app" or "Web Application?"

Both work. A web developer or designer worth their salt should know what you're talking about either way, but the cool kids call them "web apps" :]