Who we are

concept47, an Austin Web Development firm, is a small shop based out of the very gorgeous Austin, Texas. We specialize in building web applications in Ruby on Rails, CakePHP and jQuery.

What we do

As a web development studio in Austin TX, we build web applications using Ruby on Rails or CakePHP and apply front-end polish + interactivity using the jQuery Framework. We provide programming support for web designers, web design studios and small to mid sized businesses firms.

We handle web programming jobs and projects like architecting, prototyping, and building out fully customized Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), Customer Relations Management Systems, Browser Extensions (in Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome) and other Web Applications.

We work hard to simplify the engineering side of websites and web apps so that you don't stay up at night worrying about code.

How we do it

Technologies that we work with include:
- Ruby on Rails, CakePHP
- Front end JavaScript Frameworks like jQuery and Prototype
- MySQL, PostreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and recently MongoDB

Our attention to detail and responsiveness is what makes us attractive to the best designers on the web.

Get in touch with us now to find out what we can do for you!