The haters crawl out of the woodwork on mod_rails project

There has never been a statue erected to honor a critic.
- Ziglar, Zig

I couldn’t believe that someone would have the gall to actually go on record with grouses as trite as these against the creators of mod_rails … but they did

Basically here are their complaints about Phusion Passenger/mod_rails

- Their product has ‘Enterprise’ in the title
- They shouldn’t be up to version 2.0 already (yes … they actually said that)
- They release FREE products ‘late’ (late being an excruciating 2 weeks)
- They’d like for them them to be more ‘modest’ (like they haven’t heard of DHH)
- The marketing seems too slick and something ‘fishy’ is going on because they’re trying to make money with an Enterprise ready version of Passenger/mod_rails?!?!
- The ‘rails community’ will not embrace mod_rails because of these laughable quibbles … I guess these guys don’t count as part of the ‘rails community’ right?


PS: Note that the original ‘rant’ appeared on Ruby flow, where it was rightly eviscerated