Netbeans 6.7 Release candidate/RC 3 released

Netbeans 6.7

I’d been using 6.5 for the last couple of months, forgetting to look for updates in my RSS feed, when I came across the announcement of Netbeans 6.7 RC 2.

I quickly downloaded it and started using it, when I found out that RC3 was released just yesterday as well, I’ve downloaded it, but since I’m in the middle of a slew of projects I won’t be installing it until the weekend.

However with RC2, I am impressed that they finally fixed the silly problem of each version of Netbeans not importing settings from previous versions.

The install went smoothly and I was up and running faster than usual.

The things that jumped out at me are

+ There is no annoying subversion connection window that jumps up in the output section for each project that you’re working on any more

–┬áThe Ruby irb output window still doesn’t work for me (see screenshot)

Netbeans irb window fails on windows

– Still no word wrap (I know they’ve said to expect it in version 7.0, but seriously …)

– I spent almost 2 hours yesterday trying to figure out what changed between RC3 and RC2, and I couldn’t do it.
If you can, please drop me a line.
Apparently with each new release, the documentation page updates to the current release. So basically there isn’t a release page for RC2 any longer (please fix this guys).

+ For Ruby on Rails here are the things that are new (nothing exciting really)
Here are the release notes for RC3

Ruby and Rails

  • Remote debugging support
  • Improvements to Ruby constants support
  • Run and debug actions for test cases and suites included in context menu
  • Support for Shoulda tests