random dude on the “internets” disembowels Ruby on Rails …

I spent the whole weekend reading about Rails setup and deployment, discovering Ngnix + mongrels as a new Rails hosting setup option and started getting in depth with Rails with Obie Hernandez’s “The Rails Way“.

I don’t know much about the guts of PHP or Rails (that is something I am working very hard to remedy) but I was fascinated by this google group post  “Rails is shitty” … [here is the precursor to it] even though my first thought is that it contains a lot of the same elitist arguments that were aimed against PHP years ago (PHP is still wildly successful) I do think its raises interesting points and things for me to look out in in my exploration of Rails.

I wonder if DHH (aka God) will respond to this.

Here’s a sample

And to stress the first point again, Rails never concerns itself with
the big-picture problem of “writing webapps”. It only thinks as big as
“outputting HTML strings” and “querying the DB for a list of things”.
This means the important, actually hard stuff like handling the stateless
nature of HTTP, or sanitising and escaping the user input is just not
adressed at all, and you only learn about them when one day you discover
84 possible XSS injection points (actual number from a Rails app I’m
somewhat famililar with)