Adobe Acrobat Reader UI sends mixed messages?

Check this out.

Navigation for Adobe Reader 9

This is the UI for Adobe Reader that you use to Navigate through the pages in a PDF. Clicking the buttons move through the pages one at a time in each direction.

Guess what keyboard keys you have to use to navigate through the pages of the same PDF … the Left and Right Keys!

Very bad dissonance there, because the arrows keep making you think you should be hitting the up and down buttons to move through the pages.
Those icons should be left and right arrows to match the keyboard navigation and send a good visual cue to the user about what keys to hit. #dontmakemethink

The 2 dumb mistakes Twitter made with its ipad app

The twitter app for the ipad is pretty darned spectacular, not just from a visual perspective, but specifically because of the brilliant UI choices they’ve made

However, there are two things that it/twitter does that are almost unbelievable.

Twitter app on the ipad

1. You cannot delete your tweets

No that’s not a typo.
You simply cannot delete a tweet you’ve made on the ipad app. If you make a mistake in one of your tweets, you’re SOL.

I understand getting a product to market fast, but leaving off a crucial feature, like deleting error ridden tweets, strikes me as a bit brain dead.
Its certainly a HUGE source of frustration for me … enough to keep searching for an alternative app.

2. You cannot access from the ipad

I’m sure you’re saying “You whine too much dude. Just go to and delete your tweet!”

Here’s the kicker …
You cannot access from Safari browser on the iPad.

If you try to go to you get this screen

twitter for the ipad splash screen

Very dumb, guys.
Please. Fix it.

PS: I lied … you can actually go to urls like … but thats about it, you can’t login or anything.