Nifty web application features and great customer service:

I spent a good two or three days searching for a good piece of project management software, a few months back. I finally settled with unfuddle. One week after signing up, I was reminded of why I had picked them.

I had been working with on a project and suddenly remembered that I wanted to gripe to them about their user limits, so I went searching for a contact us link … my eyes immediately fell on the link that said “send feedback” … [click on image to see bigger copy]

unfuddle send feedback link

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random dude on the “internets” disembowels Ruby on Rails …

I spent the whole weekend reading about Rails setup and deployment, discovering Ngnix + mongrels as a new Rails hosting setup option and started getting in depth with Rails with Obie Hernandez’s “The Rails Way“.

I don’t know much about the guts of PHP or Rails (that is something I am working very hard to remedy) but I was fascinated by this google group post  “Rails is shitty” … Continue reading

Is rails a ghetto? developments in the ROR space.

Although I haven’t done as much work with Rails as I’d like, I follow it very closely because I like the language and the platform, plus I’m sure to write a web application in it in the next month or two.

In the last few weeks, though,  there have been some interesting developments in the ROR space. Ace programmer Zed Shaw fired two broadsides against the Rails community a few weeks back titled Rails is a ghetto. [aside: there is this very interesting O’Reilly interview with Zed that might help you understand his accomplishments with Ruby]

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Sites we like … npr music.

Just happened to stumble across National Public Radio (NPR) music early this morning and initially thought it was a redesign of npr’s webite.
It really is visually stunning … a truly great looking site. [Click on images to enlarge]

Npr music homepage lovely colors.

However there are a few problems that I’ve noticed with the homepage design

  • Busy navigation: there too many navigational elements at the top of the page … (almost four different blocks of navigation) which could easily confuse users, Continue reading

How shady companies steal domain names you search for

domain thiefI worked as a developer with a Search Engine Optimization firm for some time, where I learned that some shady companies are able to buy domain names that you search for online.

It wasn’t exactly clear to me how this was happening until I chanced across this excellent article on my new favorite blog

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