Using the zebra widget with jquery Tablesorter (styling alternate table rows)

I ran into this problem trying to figure out how to make sure that styling alternate rows in a table did not become messed up when tablesorter actually sorted the table.

In googling around I figured out that you had to use the zebra widget call in your initial tablesorter contructor. But no one said exactly how to get the zebra widget to apply the alternate row styling.

The simple answer is Continue reading

SxSWi day four: Javascript secrets

This sesssion was pretty much standing room only and I came in 15 minutes late.
I didn’t get to really settle in and pay attention as I’d like, so I’ll have to view the slides later (I’ll link to them because they were really frickin’ great)
This jumps around a bit, as I’m writing from memory.

  • They talk about memory leaks in IE, I dunno if the newly released Jscript 5.7 addressed what they were talking about
  • There was this very interesting part of the talk where they talk about being able to access dom elements using Xpath.
  • Apparently Xpath is faster in situations where you want to get all divs of class foo (for example)
  • With Xpath … the engine just goes and gets them, with dom it gets all the divs, then loops around and gets the ones you want
  • This can be slow when you’re dealing with a lot of elements Continue reading

jscript 5.7: Minor update to IE6’s javascript engine

Microsoft just released an update to IE6’s JavaScript engine. It was in response to problems with its (jscript 5.6) garbage collection that would cause poor performance with Large Ajaxy applications … like Gmail. It probably also helps their hotmail web ui too, since that uses ajax as well.

I would personally have liked to see more done with this update (its only a “minor” update), but I suppose you don’t want to give people a reason to hold on to IE 6 right? Hopefully this stops Feed Demon (my RSS reader) from freezing on CNN’s pages?

Read more about the update here

Download IE6’s jscript 5.7